SESSION: Short and Sweet: I Stay Because of the Stories

Online In Person with Jacky Cheng
Short and Sweet: I Stay Because of the Stories
02 /Sep
AEST: 03:00pm  -  03:30pm
ACST: 02:30pm  -  03:00pm
AWST: 01:00pm  -  01:30pm
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Story-telling is the essence of meaning-making. My practice is fundamentally about identity and awareness through cultural activities and memories of home, country and personal/ community relationships. I am interested in navigating and weaving narratives from my native experiences through social relationships from my Malaysian Chinese heritage and my new found home, environment and social surroundings. Being an individual in a transcultural environment, I continue to explore and question the notion of ‘home’ and ‘belonging’ – ‘here and there’ and the ‘in between’. My desire is to explore ideas through practicing methodology of two extremities of the same continuum and simplicity in complexity.
I now listen more attentively and intentionally. When I finally found some common stories or similarities of my native home identity in Broome, WA, I realised I never really left ‘home’ but more so embrace a slightly different narrative of ‘belonging’. My practice touched on personal experiences and at the same time taking the liberty to investigate the notion of ‘place and identity’ or what Broome means to me.