Executive Producer & Executive Director of Regional Arts Australia Ros Abercrombie

Artlands Coordinator Edwina Guinness

Creative Program - Junction Arts Festival

First Nations Engagement Denise Robinson

Ticketing and Delegate Liaison Jane Forrest Vim Arts and Events

Production Manager Christian Storan

Event Coordinator Bodhi Aulich-Croll

Critical Commentary Caleb Nichols-Mansell (Moonbird Creative)

Local Regional Program Administrator RANT Arts

Design Max Addinsall & Futago

Web Design Pixel Pie

Publicity Ben Starick, Starling Communications

Livestreaming Services Round Table Studio

National Programming Committee

Weng-Si Cheang, Scott Howie, Merilyn de Nys, Nigel Lavender, Bong Ramilo, Denise Robinson, Kitty Taylor, Alicia Wyatt