Junction Arts Festival


1-5 September

Junction have had a last minute change in relation to the Festival's COVID safety requirements. Masks must be worn at Prince's Square and the Princess Theatre. At this stage there are no mask requirements for events happening outside of these two venues.
Please see the Junction COVID-19 Safety Information page for more details.

Junction is a festival of extraordinary arts experiences that utilises unique and unconventional spaces to present both site-specific and traditional works throughout Launceston. The Festival is held in the first week of September, celebrating the emergence from winter and welcoming in the Spring. Junction is a leader in cultivating and celebrating Tasmania’s thriving arts sector, connecting audiences with dynamic and innovative new work being created by Tasmanian artists. 2021 marks the tenth year that Junction will transform Launceston, Tasmania into a hub of contemporary art, music and performances. Junction is a festival in which contemporary art and music have broken out of theatres, galleries and music venues and into the streets, public spaces and extraordinary buildings that make Launceston so special. With its stunning mix of Georgian, Victorian and Art Deco architecture, beautiful 19th Century English parks and the Cataract Gorge at its doorstep, Launceston is the perfect setting to discover and participate in art and music experiences unique to Tasmania.

Junction’s Festival Hub in the stunning Prince’s Square showcases Tasmania’s finest musicians and bands, delicious Tasmanian food and award-winning wines, with Junction’s Little Devil featuring children’s shows and award-winning cabaret. The festival hub is a launchpad for exploring Launceston and its surrounds for five days and nights of unforgettable arts adventures.

With a keen focus on the development of Tasmanian artists and the arts sector as a whole, Junction provides a multitude of opportunities for artists of all mediums, ensuring they are supported to create and present new works. Additionally, Junction mentors aspiring arts administrators and practitioners through our extensive internship and volunteering programs, building expertise and employability in arts & festival management.

Junction contributes significantly to the cultural and social wealth of the Launceston community, supporting the transformation of Launceston into a vibrant and creative city.

Learn more here: www.junctionartsfestival.com.au

Images (clockwise from top left): Soliloquy- RANT Arts, First Floor - Tadance, Archway - Tom O’Hern, Remade Parade - Interweave Arts.