SESSION: Deep Dive: Ways of working

Online In Person with Katie Edmiston , Gemma Robins  and Kath Melbourne
Deep Dive: Ways of working
02 /Sep
AEST: 11:30am  -  01:00pm
ACST: 11:00am  -  12:30pm
AWST: 09:30am  -  11:00am

The Regional Arts Services Network (RASN) is a state-wide approach to increasing arts engagement in regional Queensland.

Over the past 3 years eight RASN providers have lead and supported projects that enhance cultural vitality, create thriving communities and advance regional development and social priorities.

Initiated by the Queensland Government, RASN works in partnership with local councils, artists and arts organisations, and communities to foster, facilitate and promote the sustainable growth of regional arts across the state.

Regional Arts WA formed the Regional Arts Network initiative as a way to change how the regional arts sector talks to each other.

In this model strategically aligned regional organisations enter into a service agreement to become a Hub for their local community and be an active member of an emerging state-wide Network.

The Hubs role is to increase local decision making by strengthening relationships with local governments and stakeholders, whilst seeking development opportunities for artists and arts workers within their communities. Each Hub serves a geographic region, breaking the State into manageable sites related to the area, population and local government boundaries.

This co presentation, facilitated by Kath Melbourne, will explore these two initiatives and share:

  • Outcomes, achievements and strengths of local and statewide approaches
  • Learnings and considerations for on-going work within regions
  • Explore how could we support the space between regional arts organisations and their communities
  • Consider how Regional Arts Networks initiatives can strengthen connection and collaboration.