Theme and Framework

The Space Between

Conversations about practice through the intersection of people and place

The Artlands framework embeds place-based creativity and industry best practice into a program that enhances knowledge, stimulates reflection and strengthens connection.

The framework will provide a contextual link between people, place and practice and considers a narrative of art as social change and emphasises the importance of cultural identity. Inherent to the program design is an understanding of place from a geographical, social and environmental context. An understanding that connects arts and regional industries and provides a place for cultural exchange.

In Desna Whaanga-Schollum’s Artlands 2018 keynote presentation: Taonga Tuku Iho, we listened to the importance of a connected approach.

A way to work that bridges the cultural divide. That through aligning our purpose we can generate new knowledge that in term supports our practice, values place based creatively and understands the environment as a whole and our own personal contribution.

Artlands 2021 invites us ‘to come together’ to explore the space between. To encourage process and exchange and find ways to support a creative ecosystem that is interconnected and integrated across art form, across communities and across landscapes. To:

Share – listening and responding to new ideas and critical thinking

Consider - the value of shared knowledge

Connect - through exchange & learning