SESSION: Short and Sweet: Kandos: a reimagining

Online In Person with Lleah Smith
Short and Sweet: Kandos: a reimagining
01 /Sep
AEST: 05:00pm  -  05:30pm
ACST: 04:30pm  -  05:00pm
AWST: 03:00pm  -  03:30pm

Kandos: a reimagining’, is a multi-part, student-led project situated in a small town in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia. The project was developed in collaboration and consultation with the young people of Kandos, NSW through a partnership with Kandos Public School and local arts organisation, Cementa.

Lleah will present 'Kandos: a reimagining' as a case study that actively bring down barriers of engagement with contemporary art, by working with local young people and thus gaining the interest and trust of the young artists’ parents and family members. This project enabled the Kandos community to approach and engage with contemporary art from a perspective that is familiar and embedded within their own understanding of the world. It is important to share, discuss and critique projects like 'Kandos: a reimagining' in a public forum and welcome input to further the impact of the work.

Image: Kandos: a reimagining project site, Charbon Colliery, NSW, 2010. Photograph: Lleah Smith