SPEAKER: Jane Bartier

Jane Bartier

Jane Bartier is a visual artist and has recently submitted her exegesis for examination through Deakin University. In this enquiry Jane sought to unravel understandings of place and process in her practice of looming and walking. Jane ventured off loom and off track as she worked with human manufactured materials at hand such as hay bale twine and plastic hay bale wrap that were available where she walked. Jane knotted on fence lines to re-see landscape and boundaries and slowly moved an insular practice into ways of working that connected the responsibility of a seasonal creek flowing into the P/Barwon river. Knowledges of hydrology, culture, histories and more emerged in increasingly technical and engaging ways. How Jane interpreted and challenged her thinking and perceptions was in working through this with material at hand, untethered to a final object or a final point of resolution. As part of this ongoing work and in presenting at a conference, writing a paper and revisiting the swamp as headwater of the river continues to conjure up expanding and valued ways of working.