SPEAKER: Godfrey Simpson

Godfrey Simpson is a Wajarri/Badimaya man and youngest known speaker of both languages. He has worked in language preservation his whole life, being a key part of the BIW community. An experienced language teacher, Godfrey has worked in communities throughout the Midwest to teach and promote Wajarri language and is a prominent member of the language community. Badimaya through his mother, Godfrey spent many years working with Gami Ollie George (RIP) and was recognised by Gami Ollie as someone who would help carry the language forward. He was the lead languageconsultant for the translation of 'The Furnace', working closely with his community, BIW, linguists, the filmmakers and the actors to ensure the language was properly= used. He was present on-set to supervise the actors' language use and was critical to the success of the translation process.