SPEAKER: Elizabeth Rogers

Elizabeth Rogers

Elizabeth Rogers has experience working in production on musicals, children's shows, dance, contemporary music, cabaret and festivals. Her work has taken her touring throughout Australasia, Europe and the Middle East. Her experience in production management, stage management, lighting and sound design has been of enormous benefit to the shows and tours that she now produces and coordinates as Performing Arts Manager at Artback NT. Liz also volunteers on various sub-committees and arts assessment panels. Artback NT is the Northern Territory’s only multi artform development touring agency. Their approach to arts and cultural development is informed by deep connections with the communities that live, work and make art across the NT’s large and geographically disparate region. In 2020, Artback NT travelled 268,376 kilometres delivering 182 arts activities across 32 locations, reaching audiences of over 13,259 nationally. They presented 93 workshops and facilitated 15 school events, while engaging a total of 200 artists and arts workers, including 102 Indigenous artists and arts workers, of which 54.6% were from remote or very remote locations throughout the Northern Territory. Since 1996, Artback NT has reached audiences of over 2.77 million.